Birthday Wishlist


With my birthday coming up very soon I thought it was the perfect time to compile a list of some of my current (maybe over the top) must haves! The Miniature Poodle is definitely at the top of my wish list this year I’ve been wanting one for a LOOONG time now! Also been lusting after this Gucci bag and YSL booties. The Hershel carry on luggage is also a must have for all my little weekend getaways, I see more NYC trips in my near future 😉 Also, of course need some grey goose for my Birthday Cocktails! What are you guys currently Lusting after for Fall?


Herchel Suitcase Gucci Bag | YSL Booties | West Elm Chair | Hoodie Dress | Fendi Sunglasses | Miniature Poodle | Nasty Gal Book




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