How to Curate a Gallery Wall with Minted.

SHOP THE GALLERY WALL: Clockwise from top left. Reflections iiiClouds/YosemiteOmbre Sky, llama,BrooklynMother EmbraceFont FanaticWriters Block.

What You’ll Need
As far as tools go, here’s what you’ll need to create the gallery wall of your dreams…

Tape Measurer
I also recommends having a friend to help you! ( My friend Hannah who is an interior decorator and works wonders with gallery walls , Check her out here! )

Pick Your Prints !

I recommend limiting the height of your gallery wall to two works, top to bottom (three if they’re super small). This generally keeps your art at eye-level, where it’s much easier for you and your guests to enjoy!

Im no expert but I like to limit the amount of colour, or at least stick to a palette that matches with the rest of decor in the room. All of my prints are from Minted so it made it pretty easy to find prints that would go together. I actually already had the Prints in the rose gold frames but so i had to find prints that would complement them to make a larger gallery wall.

Get to Work!

One Method to hanging the prints is to cut out pieces of paper that match the size of all your artwork and tape them onto the wall. This isn’t the method we used because personally this sounds like too much labour lol! I prefer to do it on computer.

For this method so all we did was save the images of the prints I ordered from minted and converted the sizes from inches to feet. This is what it looked like before;



And after;





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