How to Look and Feel like a Pro on the Slopes this Season

I just got back from an amazing trip to Whistler!  I was fortunate enough to have lived in Whistler and Vancouver for seven years so going back always has a special place in my heart! I moved to Toronto four years ago and absolutely love living here but the mountains are still very much a part of my life. I try to go back and visit as much as possible and was especially excited this time around because I got to try out all my new snowboard gear from Sport Chek! I know it can sometimes be hard to navigate what kind of board will suit your needs since there are so many options out there, especially when buying online you don’t have a lot of help so I thought I would write a Gear Guide for anyone looking to buy new equipment or outerwear this season. Sport Chek has some amazing sales on right now so it’s a great time to buy. Keep reading for some tips and reviews.


Snowboard Guide

The DejaVu– I chose this board because it’s the most Versatile. It’s a great all mountain board with a twin tip. It works great on a powder day and because of its flying v shape, floats well in powder. It’s Versatile because after spending the morning riding powder you can take this board into the park and the twin shape allows you to have some fun riding switch into boxes, rails and jumps.

For the Deja Vu suggest the Lexa bindings.


Feelgood – This board is for the more agressive female rider and it’s more responsive than the dejavu. If you’re looking to duck the ropes on a powder day or  head into the backcountry this is the board for you. Its setback directional stance allows the nose to lift effortlessly out of the deep powder. It comes in two options camber and flying v ( camber being the more aggressive of the two). You can also take this on some fun groomers and ride fast and aggressive.

For the Feelgood I suggest the Lexa bindings.


Feather– The Feather is an all mountain board with a flat top profile that provides the beginner rider with stability and edge hold. It’s harder to catch an edge because of its raised contact points so it will keep you standing rather than on landing you on your butt! Its directional shape encourages flow, float and control. It also has an extruded base so it doesn’t need to be waxed and is more durable and can withstand more bailing.  It also has the filet-o-flex feature which on this board means extra shock absorption.

For the Feather I suggest the Scribe or Stiletto bindings.


Outerwear Trends

Winter 2018 we are seeing a lot of technical outerwear everywhere. This isn’t necessarily a trend but I think a lot more people are starting to see the importance in quality outerwear and the difference it makes in your riding. More technical brands and things like Gore-Tex are becoming more prominent  despite the higher cost. I can personally say that after wearing this Roxy Gore-Tex jacket I will only wear Gore-Tex from now on. It keeps you super dry but is still very breathable and although it’s not an insulated jacket it is still very warm because it blocks the wind incredibly well. If you are doing most of your riding on the west coast I would definitely recommend Gore-Tex Outerwear or something with at least 15K waterproofing as it tends to be milder with more wet conditions.  If you are on the east coast on the other hand I would recommend something Insulated as it can get quite cold over here so waterproofing isn’t as much of a necessity.

As for style trends we are seeing a lot of earthtones (browns and greens) as well as bib pants. They  have made a major comeback in the last couple of years. I’ve linked to the ones I’m wearing and some of my other top picks for outerwear this season. All the outerwear I linked is on sale so click through to check it out!

Roxy Non Stop Insulated Bib Pant
Roxy Rifter Printed Insulated Pant
Roxy Cedar Insulated Jacket
Roxy Wilder 2L GORE-TEX® Jacket














  1. Despina Standing
    January 10, 2018 / 6:50 pm

    So important to look good on the slopes but just as important to know your stuff! Great tips 👍 sexy and smart!

  2. January 12, 2018 / 6:05 pm

    You’re the only person I go to for gear tips! 🤙🏼 Such a cute outfit!

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