#RKCOLORTRIBE: My Redken Shades-EQ experience!

For as long as I can remember I’ve been colouring my hair dark and a few months ago I finally decided to do something different and start getting highlights. I’ve been loving them so much as they’ve really added depth and style to my hair! During theses summer months the blonde in my hair really needed some extra love and TLC so I was really excited to learn about the Shades EQ line! As part of the Redken #RKColorTribe, I went to go see Redken Artist Marie-Eve Faucher at her downtown Salon “Hidden Gem”. We decided to use one of the new Shades EQ Glosses (Natural Ash) to tone the brassiness and warm tones that developed over summer but without getting ridding of the highlights that I’ve been loving so much. I was super Impressed with the results, my hair has literally never been so shiny and felt so healthy after a colouring. The highlights are still intact and much more natural looking with zero brassiness. Marie-Eve also also softened the transition from root to highlight so I wouldn’t have to go in for a touch up as often! If your interested in how she achieved this check out the tutorial here. She also sent me home with some fun products to try and I’m most excited about the new Blondage line, its supposed to keep my blonde looking how it does today and tame any brassiness that tries to come out!  It was such a fun experience being in the salon filming this video, I hope you guys love it as much as I do! Check out a my fun Q&A here and If you want to learn more about Redken Shades EQ, send me a message! 


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