How to Start Earning Points Toward Travel

As a travel and lifestyle blogger I travel quite often, at least once a month! Most of the trips I take are partially or fully paid by me and it can get quite expensive. Honestly I don’t mind because I love collecting memories and it helps a lot with growing my Instagram. I’ve been collecting travel points any way that I can since before I can remember and I’m always looking for the next best credit card to help me do that. I wanted to introduce you guys to the new HSBC +Rewards Mastercard and tell you why it’s great if you want to start earning points as well as a few other tips to earn rewards so if you are interested keep reading!


  1. Choose the right Credit Card

The HSBC +Rewards Mastercard gets you double the points on eligible dining and entertainment purchases ( that’s 2 points for every $1 spent ) plus it has HSBC’s lowest interest rate of 11.9% so you are saving money while earning points to use towards your travel! If you sign up before December 31st you also get 5000 Bonus miles! This is a great way to get started earning those points toward free travel! My favourite feature of this card though is the rewards system, it gives you more flexibility with no black-out dates and you can fly with any airline or even redeem points against a car rental or hotel stay.

  1. Dine out

If you’re going to be dining out, or experiencing any sort of entertainment (movies, nightclubs, sporting events, etc) then it pays to use your credit card. With the HSBC +Rewards Mastercard you earn double the points on entertainment so you get 2 points for every $1 spent.

Several airlines also have dining rewards networks that you sign up for online and register a credit card with so that every time you use it at a participating restaurant,  you will earn anywhere from 2 to 5 miles per dollar depending on how often you dine. That money you are already spending each month could add up to a trip faster than you think.

  1. Skip the Cash

Every time you pay for something in cash, you are throwing away points. If you are financially responsible, you should be charging every dollar of your fixed expenses possible on a points-earning credit card like the HSBC +Rewards. These days, you can put almost everything on a credit card from phone bills to utilities and groceries. It may not earn you double the points to pay these bills but a least you are still earning points just for keeping your household running.

  1. Sign up for other points networks

Signing up for other non-credit rewards cards like Airmiles and Aeroplan as well as hotel rewards like Hilton Honors. This way when you book with your credit card and points card you can double up on miles to get you to that free trip even sooner!

  1. Focus on one airline

Try to fly with one or fewer airlines if you can. Even if it means paying a little bit more for a ticket. You’re most likely to earn enough points to actually get something in return this way. It’s better to have 100,000 points with one carrier than 10,000 each with 10. Many airlines belong to networks of domestic and foreign carriers, such as Oneworld, SkyTeam, and Star Alliance. You can sign up for a member airline’s frequent flyer program this way you can earn, combine, and redeem miles on any partner airline.


Although this post has been sponsored by “HSBC”, the opinions and language are my own.






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